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Here are the new rules and regulations which come into effect in 2022.

 Work Related

The minimum wage is going up from €1,701 to €1,725 per month for those 21 years old and older. The new government has pledged to increase the minimum wage over the next few years.

The state pension age (AOW) rises by three months to 66 years and seven months.

The basic income tax rate decreases marginally from 37.10% to 37.07%. The higher tax bracket rate remains 49.5%.

One third of the supervisory boards at listed companies in the Netherlands must be female.

Employers and the unemployed will no longer be able to deduct the cost of training and courses from tax. Instead, they can claim a new subsidy (STAP-budget) of up to €1,000 to pay for work-related training.

Employers will be able to give staff a tax-free allowance of €2 a day if they work from home.

Family related

Child care benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag) are increasing. Check here for more details.

Child benefit (kingebonden budget) will be 70 euros higher per year from the second child.

The healthcare benefit (zorgtoeslag) rises to €111 a month for a single person and €212 for a couple.


Mortgage tax relief will go down from 43% to 40%, but this will only affect people in the higher tax bracket.

New legislation comes into force to allow local authorities to stop the sale of property costing under a certain amount to investors who want to rent it out.

All houses for sale must have an energy label, by law.

Local authorities will be required by law to provide addresses for people who are homeless.

The limit for social housing rents rises to €763.47.


The tax on energy will be lowered because of the high gas and electricity prices. The average household will pay €400 less in energy related taxes. People with very low incomes can claim an additional €200 from their local authority.

Parents can give their children €5,667 a year tax free, down from €6,604 in 2021. The new government has also pledged to end the €100,000 tax free contribution to help children buy a house, but this will happen later.

The limit for tax free savings and assets (box 3) rises from €50,000 to €50,650 for a single person, double that for a couple.


The clients of sex workers will face up to four years in jail or a fine of up to €21,750 if they know in advance the sex workers have been forced into prostitution. If the sex workers are minors then the jail term is six years.

From 2022, the local authorities will be responsible in facilitating the civic integration process (inburgering) for new migrants. The aim is to provide everyone who has to go through the system with a tailor-made approach and the language requirement will go up from A2 to B1. Turkish nationals will also now have to go through an inburgering programme.

Cafes and bars can no longer sell cigarettes via a machine.

Gift vouchers will be valid for two years, rather than one. Some vouchers, such as those issued by regional tourist boards, are already valid for longer.

The cost of travel documents will be increased. A passport costs €75,82 for adults and €57,34 for children. An ID card costs €68,53 for adults and €36,98 for children.

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