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For Whom?

Haags Welzijn is intended for:

Asian Labour Migrants

Asian labour migrant workers in the Hague region who encounter problems at work can (anonymously) contact us for information, advice and help. It does not matter in which sector you work.

Examples of problems Asian workers face are:

  • I have a work contract, but I do not know what it contains
  • I do not have an independent residence permit and my (Dutch) partner is abusing my vulnerable position
  • I live and work illegally in the Netherlands or my salary is not paid
  • I have to work 50 or more hours every week and I still do not receive minimum wage
  • I work in a very different job than what I have been promised, what can I do?


Friends, Acquaintances and other Social Services Providers

Do you know an Asian working in the Hague region or an Asian who is treated unfairly at work? Feel free to contact Haags Welzijn.

Please note: Haags Welzijn provides social services in The Hague region, therefore it can only help Asian people living in this region. If you live or work outside The Hague, Haags Welzijn can only provide you with information.

We also organise lectures, workshops and training courses on, for example, China, the Chinese language and culture (possibly in combination with the issues surrounding human trafficking and labour exploitation).