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My experiences

Here you can share your experiences completely anonymously, so that Chinese and non-Chinese can understand your situations better. This helps to remove prejudices about the Chinese community in the Netherlands and to inform people in the same situation as you. To protect your privacy, your real identity will not be revealed in our publications.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us!



The Impact of the Corona Crisis on Workers and Small Businesses

After I arrived in the Netherlands and because of the corona crisis, the employer asked me to go to a hotel for quarantine at my own expense.

About Life in the Netherlands as Illegal Chinese

Guo: “I am a Chinese man of over forty and have lived illegally in the Netherlands for around twenty years

About Traditional Chinese Values

Fu: “Many Chinese labour migrants came to the Netherlands in the 1990’s.  After the economic reform

About Working in the Horeca Sector

Lin: “When I was working in China, I found out through an employment agency that the working conditions in the Netherlands were good and salaries were high. So I decided to come to work in the Netherlands.

About Working in other Sectors

Ku: I am a Chinese man who was misled by traffickers and came up in the Netherlands in 2010. I have sold all my belongings in China to pay for the trip. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the traffickers confiscated my Chinese passport.

I am a Victim

Li:I recently spent a lot of money and energy in order to apply for my a girlfriend and her son to come to the Netherlands

About Social Services

Hui:I would like to share my experience about getting assistance from a Dutch social worker. In the last 6 months a Dutch social worker

About Prejudices against Chinese People

Xi: “Once I met a Chinese friend in a supermarket. I only said to her, “Hello! Are you also shopping here?”

About the idea that Chinese people solve their problems themselves or within their own communities

In the Netherlands many people think that people with a Chinese background can solve everything themselves. Is this assumption correct based on your own experiences?

Other experiences

If you have an experience that does not belong to the above categories and you want to share it, please feel free to contact us.