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The SZW Inspectorate found many violations during building inspections in Amsterdam. It appeared that an inspection was necessary in more than half of the 29 construction sites. The Inspectorate had temporarily stopped work at eleven places. In addition, seven construction workers, who were not allowed to work in the Netherlands, were found.

The SZW inspection concerned both safety issues and fair working conditions at construction sites. Out of the eleven cases, seven were stopped because there were serious risks of falling, two because a table saw was not properly protected and two because construction workers were exposed to dangerous quartz dust. The work situation in one location was so bad that the entire construction site was shut down and all construction workers had to leave the site.

As soon as the contractor resolves the unsafe situations, the Inspectorate will cancel the shutdown.

During the inspection, seven undocumented construction workers were found. They had Moroccan, Chinese and Turkish nationalities. To be allowed to work in the Netherlands, employers must have a work permit for their employees, which were not there. Not only the employer can be fined € 8,000 for this, but also the client.

In addition, the SZW Inspectorate conducted further investigation into long working days and possible underpayment. A construction worker who was receiving government benefits was also found. The Inspectorate had reported this violation to the municipality.

It is the third time that the SZW Inspectorate carried out checks at construction sites in urban areas. It had already done so in Utrecht and Tilburg.

Watch the video about the building inspection.

Source: www.inspectiewerkt.nl