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Duiven – Two companies in Duiven, where four illegal Chinese workers were found, received a fine of 4000 euros per illegal worker. The municipality reported this. The four workers would return to China shortly.

The Chinese were working on batteries for electric bicycles at two small companies, the labor inspection said. A total of five Chinese employees were found, four of whom did not have a Dutch BSN number. The four lived in Duiven, but were not registered in the population census.

The passports of the illegal workers were taken immediately, according to the municipality of Duiven. They  were then reported to the Foreign Police. They would be sent back to China shortly. The municipality also reported that the case concerned very young employees. It was not clear whether they were underage.

“Hidden economy”

According to the municipality, there had been extra inspections at the companies. A number of environmental issues were still ongoing and working conditions were being monitored. According to the inspection, the Chinese were probably underpaid and had to work long hours every day. There would also have been unsafe working, for example soldering without proper ventilation.

Although it was not yet confirmed, the municipality had the idea that there was a link between the two companies. They were registered with the Chamber of Commerce, but the labor inspectorate suspected they did not pay taxes in the Netherlands. The inspectorate called it a ‘hidden Chinese economy in Duiven’.

Source: Omroepnederland.nl